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What can we help in your  projects?

Liya Contractors consultant works on a project-basis and we works with often highly specialized tasks.

The types of consultants in construction projects vary. Typical consultant roles include project managers, architects, service engineers, as well as cost consultants. You also have third-party client-side technical inspectors, like Commissioning Authorities.

On a high level, consulting tasks include tasks like developing and supporting the development of the design, working with tasks related to project management, contract administration, inspecting the work of construction contractors, advising on sustainability and giving advice and helping develop the project.

Why choose us for you project?

In what way can Liya Contructors help your construction project?

Simple. Consultancies often have a bigger pool of specialist talent than an in-house team. Plus, by continuously working on projects that are similar to yours, we have become  more time-effective alternative thanks to the expertise and data points we’ve developed.

Specifically, the role of consultants in construction projects can be to help you avoid delays and lapses, achieve your operational goals, improve the ROI of your building, and overall, make the construction process more effective.

Project Management and Cost Control

Specialists at Mannvit have a vast experience in the field of project management and supervision and have been involved in such large-scale projects as aluminum smelters and shopping centers, as well as specialized development and planning projects. Cost control is one of the prerequisites for successful construction, and comprehensive construction management ensures an overall perspective during all stages of construction.

Quality and Safety Systems

Implementing quality and safety systems has become an operating requirement among companies and government agencies. Specialists at Liya Contractors  have experience in risk assessment, occupational safety, or implementing quality systems for in-process control tests and certifications.

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Looking for best partner for your next construction works? Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem.

Looking for best partner for your next construction works?