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Construction Management

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At Liya Contractors, we provide construction management services tailored to each project’s size and complexity. Whether for a single project or as part of a larger program, our team brings your design to life with a sharp focus on cost, schedule compliance, safety, and risk management. We closely monitor construction activities and offer advice on issues such as construct-ability, contract packaging, coordination of contractors, temporary work requirements, supply chain capacity, and capability.

Our on-site construction management teams deliver:

  • Inspection Services
  • Progress Assessments
  • Materials Testing and Quality Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Production of Daily Records and Document Management
  • Review and Approval of Contractor Proposals
  • Startup Coordination and Commissioning Activities
  • Assurance of Compliance with Quality and Safety, Health, and Environmental Requirements
  • Community Outreach and Other Communication Programs

Construction Management Importance

Great importance is placed on analyzing risk factors in projects and maintaining preventive supervision where our experts review budget and time schedules, designs, specifications, bids, project contracts, work arrangements, etc. before work commences.

Construction management is one aspect of project management and constitutes a defined role according to law.Our team undertakes the construction management of numerous projects in building construction, road and bridge construction, utilities construction and heavy industry construction.Our experts were responsible for the construction management in the construction of KMTC Block In Mombasa County, Bukhungu Stadium in Bungoma, Narok Stadium among other projects