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LIYA MOTORS ENGINEERING CONTRACTORS LIMITED was established on 14th May 2008. It specializes as Building Contractor (NCA 3), Mechanical, Waterworks, Electrical and Road Works (NCA 4 @) and General Supplier. Since its inception, the company has expanded and is making significant impact in the Building construction industry through the use of qualified personnel, modern equipment and technology.

Company Mission

LIYA MOTORS ENGINEERING CONTRACTORS LIMITED, being one of the best recognized Building Construction and General Supplier in the region has managed to gain a competitive edge in its business undertaking with its mission to capture and create a different advantage in the Building Construction and general Supply    industry and stretch the services beyond its boundaries through offering competitively priced services and customer focused framework.

Company Vision

The company has made its vision the greatest hallmark of success towards achieving its business objective. Its vision: “To be the Preferred Building Contractors and general Supplier.”

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide efficient, professional and flexible service which is cost effective without diminishing the high standards of performance. We strive to create a secure environment to conduct our business. In order to offer effective and appreciable service to our clients we formulate and enact policies that are sensitive to the market trends in order to remain competitive in the market.

Our Achievements

We bring value innovation and timely delivery in construction projects.

Liya Contractors is a Limited company duly registered in Kenya. Liya was incorporated in the year 1996 as Liya Motors Engineering Contractors under general repairs of motor vehicles and maitenance of machineries. The founding directors are George Mwimali and Jane Mwimali.
Liya was re-registered in 2008 as a Limited Liability Company. Thereafter joined the construction and renovations industry and registered as a general building contractor under category F now in NCA 6.

Our company employees are drawn from different professions that team up to deliver our construction projects. These include an Building Designer,Building Cost Estimator, Engineers, Site Managers, Artisans, Foremen, Store Keeper, a secretary and an Accountant.